What is Bounty Brothers?

Bounty Brothers is an idea I first had as a teenager (most likely about 6 years ago), and one I have recreated time and time again. I feel I am at a stage creatively where I can finally do this project the justice it deserves.

I have created many comic book concepts in my life (some much better than others), but Bounty Brothers has always been the standout, with potential for amazing action, drama, comedy, romance and more. It has been a childhood dream to create a graphic novel, and as I am now in a position where I can do it, there is no better title for me to start with than the one I have had with me for so many years. 

The story centres around a society of ancient bounty hunters who believe they keep the peace in their corrupted world. At 18 years of age, initiate Lucius is sent on his first real assignment with a tutor, they need to provide aid to an Elite Bounty Hunter who is hunting a corrupt centurion general. The bounty hunter they are assisting turns out to be Lucius' older brother. From that point on the bounty hunters have to wrestle sibling rivalry with important missions across a make believe land based on a medieval earth. However there are darker forces at work which will not only change the world, but the way the brothers looks at each other too.

I have created a brand new and exciting world with a vast potential for unlimited story telling. I hope that with the success of this campaign and the release of the first volume I will have a long running and interesting series of stories to share with you all.

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